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  • 08, Apr 2023

Hair is the crown that we proudly flaunting!

Looking hair is a nightmare for both males & females but all of us tend to experience it at least once in our lifetime. To prevent hair loss we do try various home remedies and take supplements to maintain healthy hair. But when one starts experiencing hair fall where they are losing more than 100 hair strands a day, it is high time that we consult an expert hair specialist in Delhi at DMC Trichology and opt for corrective measures.  Initial hair fall can be controlled with the help of medications and corrective measures if the causes are investigated properly. Whereas, if it becomes severe leading to visible scalp patches and thinning, treatments might be the best solution to restore the hair growth. Here is a brief insight into the causes of hair fall and the treatment options available in a dermatologist’s clinic which can help one to hold their crown strong and intact.

Types of hair fall

Hair fall can be of different types like:

  • Androgenetic Alopecia

  • Telogen Effluvium

  • Alopecia Areata etc.

Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common type of hair fall that occurs in both males and females. It generally happens after the age of 35 due to male hormones and lifestyle changes. It can be further divided into male and female pattern hair loss. In females it starts as thinning and slow progressive hair fall leading to increase in scalp visibility whereas in males it starts on frontal portion causing receding hairline. On the other hand, in Telogen Effluvium sudden hair loss occurs over the period of 1 to 2 month, witnessed as thinning and reduction in density on the vertex area leading to baldness. Lastly, Alopecia areata  is the one in which body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles. It can happen on the scalp as well as other body areas like eyebrows, moustache or beard.

What are the causes behind hair fall?

The major causes involve:

  • Genetics
    If someone’s parents have suffered from this problem, they are more likely to suffer from the same.

  • Stress
    Mental or emotional stress can lead to hormonal changes which can result in hair fall

  • Hormonal Changes
    This is mainly witnessed in female candidates where they witness increase in male sex hormone levels leading to increase in androgen levels and reduced estrogens levels. Female candidates can experience hormonal changes during pregnancy and child birth and hence, witness hair fall during that period.

  • Environmental Effects
    Environmental factors like pollution, dust and sun exposure can also hamper hair follicles and hence, result in hair fall.

  • Diet and Lifestyle
    Improper diet causing various vitamin deficiencies can cause physical stress to body leading to hair fall.

  • Disease and Medications
    Several illnesses like thyroid, anaemia, diabetes or eating disorders or drugs like birth control pills, hypertensive drugs, blood thinners and anti-depressant drugs can also cause hair fall.

Treatment options for hair fall

There are various advanced treatment options available at DMC Trichology, the best hair clinic in Delhi, that can help to combat the problem which can control and reverse the hair fall to a great extent. Here are a few treatment options that can help in hair re-growth:

  1. Topical Medications
    A dermatologist is the expert who will investigate the causes behind hair fall and suggest topical serums to increase blood flow towards the scalp, thus, pushing hair to growth phase.

  2. Oral Medications
    These are generally prescribed by a hair expert in case any hormonal imbalance is diagnosed in investigation reports or any vitamin deficiencies to correct the same and help in growing healthy hair.

  3. Low Level Laser Therapy
    This is a laser treatment which uses different laser lights to stimulate epidermal stem cells which play a vital role in regeneration of hair follicles. This is done with vasodilatation and hence, accelerated blood flow around the hair follicles. This helps in delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle making it thicker, stronger and healthier.

  4. Mesotherapy
    Mesotherapy is a brilliant hair fall treatment in which we impart a combination of various nutrients and hair growth serums which will boost hair growth naturally. The hair boosters and other growth factors that we use are proven to kindle fast hair growth, nourish and strengthen the hair naturally.

  5. Hair Growth Promoters
    Human blood contains some natural growth promoters which are responsible for instigating localized growth. They help in reversal of hair follicle miniaturization to make it healthy and robust.

In our clinic, we have customized and advanced options of  HGP (Hair Growth Promoters ) available as well. In advanced treatment options we combine and customize the treatment plan as per the severity of hair fall. It is always advisable to meet a dermatologist if someone is experiencing hair fall or hair thinning problems. Losing hair is disheartening but now one can regain healthy hair growth easily with the help of expert hair specialists available at DMC Trichology, the best hair treatment centre in DelhiThe clinic is located at Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi).  

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