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    DMC Trichology®

    Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

    Our cutting-edge hair transplant techniques can help you feel your best again. The operation not only alters your hairline and appearance, but it also gives you a new lease on life and increases self-confidence.

    DMC Trichology® is known as the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, located at Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), & Rajouri Garden (West Delhi), as the team at the clinic is composed of highly experienced, qualified specialists who are all hair transplantation experts. To deliver the greatest outcomes that our patients can rely on, we make use of the most recent technologies. At the DMC Trichology®, doctors—not nurses—perform hair transplants while protecting individual hairs and caring for the donor area. Many medical disorders, including male pattern baldness, that contribute to hair loss, can be treated with our assistance. Both men and women can benefit from the variety of treatments we offer at the DMC Trichology®..

    best hair transplant clinic in Delhi
    hair transplant clinic in Delhi
    hair clinic in Delhi
    best hair clinic in Delhi

    Why Choose DMC Trichology?

    At DMC Trichology, the best hair clinic in Delhi, a top hair transplant trichologist with advanced training and expertise, and committed staff members, work to provide our clients with excellent hair loss and hair transplant results. We make every effort to offer the most effective, comfortable, and secure surgical and non-surgical methods for hair loss and hair transplantation. The following are the key features which make DMC Trichology the best:

    • Trichologist Dr. Nandini Dadu is a renowned expert in the field.
    • In-house curated DMC- GOLDEN TOUCH TECHNIQUE®
    • We perform ultra-discreet and minimally invasive follicular implantation
    • Providing the most natural-looking and undetectable hair transplantation results
    • Scientifically advanced approaches for cell and tissue preservation
    • Highly skilled staff and qualified hair specialist doctors
    • International standard results at affordable Indian pricing
    • The best hair transplant clinic in Delhi for all hair restoration procedures
      Cutting-edge techniques like FUE,
    • Root Restore Therapy, Advanced HGP, Advanced HGP 2.0, MesoGrow, etc.

    Our patients receive personalized hair transplants at DMC Trichology, the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. We recognize that every case of hair loss is distinct, and each patient’s goal is particular to them. The qualified hair specialist will examine the patient’s condition, review their medical history, and help them understand the situation and options. With the best care offered at the centre, one can regain confidence.


    best hair transplant in Delhi

    DMC-Golden Touch Technique®

    With our exclusive in-house curated DMC- GOLDEN TOUCH TECHNIQUE®, our transplant surgeons provide the most advanced hair transplant procedures delivering greater precision with maximum accuracy. This minimally-invasive hair transplant procedure is the best hair transplant technique in Delhi. This technique utilizes the latest & most sophisticated surgical tools to ensure the safest hair transplantation that anybody deserves.

    Our Unique Approach To Hair Transplant Surgery®

    Assuming the ultimate goal of a hair transplant technique is to achieve the most natural, undetectable hair transplantation results, DMC-Golden Touch Technique® utilises a unique device that has the ability to perform ultra discreet & minimally invasive follicular implantation.

    With a strong focus in keeping our patients’ health & safety first in every step of the way, our experts at DMC-Trichology follow intensive evaluative sessions for each individual client and give the most effective transplant procedure according to their specific needs.

    Need More Details About Hair Transplants at
    DMC Trichology®?

    Procedures for Hair Regrowth

    Hair loss can develop for a number of reasons, and it is critical to understand what is causing your hair loss.

    DMC- Advanced Hgp

    DMC- Advanced Hgp ®️

    Advanced HGP-2.0 is the best treatment that has embarked on the revolution in curing hair loss....


    It is the best non-surgical treatments offered at DMC that not only curbs hair loss but also promotes hair growth....
    DMC-Hair Growth Promoters HGP

    DMC-Hair Growth Promoters HGP ®

    With the help of golden tip punches, the grafts are extracted from the donor area with accuracy and precision....
    DMC - Hydrafacial keravive Treatment

    DMC - Hydrafacial keravive Treatment

    We all want to have thick and healthy hair, isn’t it? Healthy and beautiful hair can make you feel good from within.
    DMC- Hair Rituals®

    DMC- Hair Rituals®

    Rene Rituals products are formulated from 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts....
    DMC-Root Restore therapy ®

    DMC-Root Restore therapy ®

    Severe hair loss and consistent thinning of hair can lead to baldness or increased scalp visibility....

    Say Good Bye to Baldness

    Performed by Team of Highly Experienced Surgeons /TRICHOLOGIST - Leaders of The Field

    No Scars, No Stitches
    No Side Effects
    1 Year Free Support

    Results We Deliver

    Rated Delhi's No. 1 Hair Transplant Clinic
    At DMC Trichology®, We offer a range of revolutionary hair restoration treatments that produce natural looking results.
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    Our Testimonials

    Our happy clients reviews and feedbacks.

    Eshita Pandey

    Review Stars

    Dr. Dadu and her staff at Vasant Vihar are very hard-working and absolutely wonderful. The ambiance is lovely, and patients are treated with utmost care and concern. I highly recommended her for hair thinning treatments.

    ✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.

    Rikki Sharma

    Review Stars

    One of my friends recommended Dr. Dadu to me when I was really stressed due to my hair falling excessively. No doubt, she is the best doctor for hair treatments. Her treatment, patient-care as well as her medicines have proved to be really effective. Do visit her!

    ✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.

    Rahul Kumar

    Review Stars

    The best Dr. For hair treatment- Dr. Nivedita Dadu. Started my mesotherapy and GFC session 2 months ago. Now the results are significant. Pretty satisfied with how things are going. Thanks team and doctor for the wonderful service.

    ✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.

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