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Repair Hair Transplant in Delhi, Vasant Vihar, Rajouri Garden

Among the most common cosmetic procedures, hair transplantation is rapidly surging globally. While taking hair transplant procedures, there are innumerable cases of unsavoury practices due to lack of adequate skills & expertise which often lead to unwanted post-transplant consequences. So the procedure to rectify and correct the previous failed or unfulfilled hair transplant surgery is commonly known as Hair Transplant Repair. One who is facing a bad experience due to an earlier procedure can contact DMC Trichology Centre to get the repair hair transplant in Delhi, Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) & Vasant Vihar (South Delhi).

Failed Hair Transplant

Apart from the improper techniques utilised being the primary factor for a failed hair transplant , following are some of the reasons why your previous hair transplant was not a success:

  • Failure of technique leading to a poor hairline design and giving unnatural & asymmetric appearance.
  • Failure of implantation often leads to poor follicle survival. This will effectively ruin the whole efforts of transplantation.
  • Major missing link is the maintenance of extracted follicular grafts in a suitable viable solutions. If the follicular grafts aren’t given the required intracellular medium to retain its characteristics, the percentage of implanted grafts survival is very limited.
  • Poor orientation of the implanted grafts will end up growing in unnatural direction.
  • Improper handling of grafts often leads to failure of growth as the grafts are quite fragile.

Repair Hair Transplant

The aim is to provide the best outcomes which make our centre known for providing the best repair hair transplant in Delhi. The procedures to correct & repair the failed hair transplant includes the following steps:

  • Repairing of abnormal hairline from previous failed technique
  • Redoing of almost all the steps and creating an appropriate hairline
  • Re-arranging of miss-aligned grafts using a defined follicular units distance.
  • Treating of Donor scalp area is integral part of the procedure.
  • Repairing the irregularities such as bumps and boils from the recipient scalp area.
At DMC Trichology, we have a team of world-renowned Hair Transplant surgeons who offer the Repair Hair Transplant in Delhi



Our experts’ major concern is making the patient happy and satisfied, which they weren’t earlier due to bad outcomes from an earlier procedure. This not only makes us the best at what we do, but it also establishes us as the best clinic for repair hair transplant in Delhi. Getting a repair hair transplant is way more tougher than the first procedure of transplantation due to the following reasons:

  • Repairing hair transplant means redoing the whole procedure more meticulously starting with the re-harvesting of follicular grafts without over exploiting the donor area.
  • Repair Hair Transplant often induces extraction from other body areas such as beard, chests, arms, legs., etc which is again a most effort as well as time consuming procedures.
  • Identifying healthy hair grafts from rest of the unwanted grafts requires critical analysis
  • Treating scarred scalp from the previous failed procedure could disrupt the healing process as well as limiting the effectiveness of follicular growth.


Except under very rare conditions, almost every failed hair transplant shows a distinctive underlying factor., ie failure of a comprehensive analysis in the preoperative evaluation. Without having an integrative study to the cause factors of hair loss issue , it is evident that any procedure utilised will definitely be misleading. So, to cope with the unwanted consequences from the previous failed transplantation, a repair hair transplant will mend the missing links and can give you the final touch of a denser hair transplantation that anybody deserves. Starting with the identification of the underlying clinical conditions to remaking all of the inadequacies from the previous procedure, repair hair transplantation will plan how to best rectify it. DMC-TRICHOLOGY provides state-of-the-art techniques that can help remake a whole new natural hairline with our best team of hair transplant specialists. To know about the repair hair transplant cost in Delhi, book an appointment at the centre. We have centres located at Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) & Vasant Vihar (South Delhi).

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