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Golden Touch Technique® Hair Transplantation

DMC-GOLDEN TOUCH TECHNIQUE® is a highly advanced Hair Transplant procedure exclusively curated in-house to deliver greater precision with maximum accuracy to Hair loss Treatments. This minimally-invasive hair transplant procedure utilises latest & most sophisticated surgical tools to ensure safest hair transplantation that anybody deserves.

With tons of benefits over other typical methods to hair transplant, DMC-GOLDEN TOUCH TECHNIQUE® has a unique property of protecting the donor site and perfectly conditioning the implanted grafts with 100% follicle survival. our approach is to treat each individual with the right procedure best suited to their needs, while delivering a natural finished look.

A Unique Approach in Hair Transplant Surgery

Assuming the ultimate goal of a hair transplant technique is to achieve the most natural, undetectable hair transplantation results, DMC-Golden Touch Technique® utilises a unique device that has the ability to perform ultra discreet & minimally invasive follicular implantation. Our novel hair transplant procedures involve:

  • Analysing of follicular units arrangement through magnified images of the patients’s scalp
  • Using this data, a personalised hairline design for implantation of the recipient area is created
  • Surgical enhancement of the entire extracting & re-implanting process of follicular units
  • Utilisation of scientifically advanced solutions designed for cell & tissue preservation

Why to Choose DMC-Golden Touch Technique®

Having the skills and aesthetic knowledge to consistently achieve most natural appearance & create density, our experts perform this meticulous hair transplant technique for its loaded benefits.

  • Minimises the limiting factors of hair restoration surgery. This is possible due to intensive care strategy to the donor site with zero-to-none tissue damage, resulting in more supply of donor follicles.
  • 100% follicles survival as the extracted hair grafts are preserved under the highly advanced viable solution giving the perfect intracellular environment. And so the graft quality are consistently maintained.
  • The technique provides quick recovery with least post-op discomfort.
  • No linear scaring except for minimal dots which disappear eventually after few days.
  • Achieve the most natural-looking coverage & satisfactory hair density you deserve.
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