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Rituals Hair Treatment in Delhi, Vasant Vihar, Rajouri Garden

René Rituals is a botanical method of scalp treatments that have revolutionized haircare.

All Rene Rituals products are formulated from 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts, carefully selected for their specific medicinal and aromatic values. Rituals hair treatment in Delhi, Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) & Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) is one of the best hair care treatments performed at DMC Trichology Centre.

With René Rituals, our hair experts at DMC combine effectiveness, sensory stimulation and naturalness- bringing you effective hair treatments with true concentrate of active ingredients in rare essential oils from Provence, France.


Rituals hair care in Delhi at our centre begins with a detailed consultation with our hair experts after which the best treatment plan is created specific to scalp as well as hair concerns. Complexe 5 is a concentrated, regenerative plant serum which tones the scalp and strengthens the hair right from the roots. This true elixir brimming with stimulating essential oils and plant extracts along with a relaxing massage, activates microcirculation of the blood and prepares the scalp to increase the efficacy of the treatment by 10x.  Rare and infinitely precious, essential oils make up the quintessence of plants, a true concentrate of active ingredients. The most natural extraction method (steam distillation) is used in the products to ensure purity and integrity of the essential oils. Very quickly absorbed by the scalp, they work deep down, directly at the hair bulb and around it. The active ingredients in each shampoo, conditioner/mask are designed to perfectly respond to your scalp’s needs. René Furterer crafts customized hair treatments to penetrate deep into the scalp and hair. This final step is vital and personalised for every individual scalp and hair concern.

René Rituals is an excellent rituals hair treatment in Delhi for all hair and scalp concerns including:

  • Progressive hair loss
    Suited specially for hormonal and hereditary hair loss, this treatment slows down hair loss, stimulates growth and extends the life of the hair.
  • Sudden/reactional hair loss
    Stress, dieting, fatigue, post-pregnancy can lead to telogen effluvium. This treatment reactivates hair growth and strengthens the hair while preserving the scalp’s natural balance and helps hair look visibly denser and provides vigor and vitality.
    René Rituals are also excellent treatments to complement our other hair loss treatments like Mesotherapy, Advanced HGP and Root Restore Therapy.
  • Dandruff and Oily scalp
    René Rituals offers purifying serums and essential oils to gently exfoliate the scalp. Depending on the severity of the dandruff, the treatment maybe supplemented with the Keravive treatment for dandruff.
  • Sensitive or irritated scalp
    Soothing freshness fluid with cold essential oils (Breezy Asteraceae) to calm down sensitive or irritated scalp.
  • Dry frizzy, damaged hair
    Exceptional hair treatments with Iced Acerola, Shea butter and Camelina Delicacy essential oils for their shine enhancing, regenerating and nourishing properties to repair damaged or over-processed hair.

To avail, the benefits of rituals hair care in Delhi, consult the best hair expert at DMC Trichology Centre. Our centres are located at Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) & Rajouri Garden (West Delhi).

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