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Women Hair Transplant in Delhi

DMC Trichology is renowned for providing the best women hair transplant in Delhi, performed by expert hair surgeons at our clinic. We help women overcome hair loss issues, restoring their lost confidence.

Female Hair Loss Pattern or Alopecia in women is often neglected as compared to hair loss in men. One of the reasons is that the pattern of alopecia in women is mainly thinning rather than apparent baldness. However, if we consider the psychological effects that a hair loss can give, women get far severe impacts than for men.

With the advancement in modern hair transplant industry, there are numerous techniques & technologies that can give successful hair restoration & transplantation in several cases of female hair loss pattern. DMC Trichology provides the best women hair transplant in Delhi, Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) & Vasant Vihar (South Delhi). A preoperative evaluation for the patients and careful analysis of the number of follicular grafts in both donor & recipient area is very important before subjecting to any transplant procedure.

Being one of the best Skin & Hair Treatment centres in India, DMC-TRICHOLOGY provides an array of both cosmetological & trichological treatment procedures for both women and men.
With years of experience in clinical cosmetology, our experts at DMC-TRICHOLOGY provide the most effective women hair transplant in Delhi. The centre performs comprehensive analysis of hair loss problems. It includes evaluating patients on the basis of clinical examination, trichoscopy, blood & hormonal evaluation, medical history, lifestyle, genetic factors and environmental conditions.

Let's get Women Hair Transplant in Delhi and also know the Women Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi


Based on the severity or level of hair loss, female pattern hair loss is distinctively identified on the scale of grade 1 to grade 5, 5 being the highest in criticality. It goes from a generalised thinning of hair in the frontal & crown area in the grade 1 scenario to diffused thinning in grade 2 , frontal temporal recession of grade 3 common to male pattern baldness and scarring alopecia in grade 4. When it comes to grade 5 baldness, surgical treatments for hair transplantation is usually not applicable. So, most women dealing with hair loss issues are from grade 1 alopecia that doesn’t necessarily need a transplantation , as there is only a global scalp thinning. However, the severity of hair loss problem that requires actual surgical procedures is when it reaches grade 4 alopecia which is most often associated with clinical & genetic problems or traumatic scarring.,etc. This condition includes scarring, receding hairlines as in the case of male pattern baldness.


  • Assessment of the donor hair grafts, the total number of requirements is the first key step for patient evaluation.
  • Analysis of donor hair is based on the follicular unit density, quality, hair shaft diameter, inter follicular unit distance, texture, colour, wave ., etc
  • Setting a realistic expectation in discussion with the patient for the post-surgical result in terms of hair density, hair management, styling, colouring.,etc


The procedures for hair restoration in women are essentially no different than men. The options available for a hair restoration technique or procedure is entirely based the the quality of results, the efficacy of the technique, and also according to the specific requirements of the candidate as well. These factors help the doctor in providing effective treatment. This makes our centre known for delivering the best women hair transplant in Delhi. FUE technique is by far the latest & most effective transplant procedure for optimal result. But when we specifically talk about hair restoration technique for women, extraction of softer hair texture is preferred which are usually found in the low parietal scalp.

Proper maintenance of the recipient site is integral throughout the procedure of a hair transplant as the quality of the recipient scalp predicts the effectiveness of the transplant growth. Along with this is the meticulous extraction & implantation of the follicular grafts that decides the successfulness of the transplant procedure.

DMC-TRICHOLOGY is highly notable for giving an exceptional artistic creation of hair grafts of various sizes with the most sophisticated treatment strategy for each individual needs. Our experts take extreme caution in selecting suitable candidates for hair restoration surgery under careful evaluation. To know about the women hair transplant cost in Delhi, book an appointment at the centre. We have centres located at Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) & Vasant Vihar (South Delhi).

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