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FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,44,000

FUE is short for Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE hair transplant in Delhi at DMC Trichology in Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) & Rajouri Garden (West Delhi), is one of the latest and, by far, the most advanced techniques for hair transplantation.

However, with recent advancements in clinical sciences, FUE has been introduced for its advantage in abundance over FUT concerning precision & efficacy.

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FUE technique is adopted to restore hair loss problems from various medical & genetic conditions. Over the past few years, many people have realised its efficacies in cosmetic surgeries, such as eyebrow reconstruction, eyelash reconstruction, moustache reconstruction, hairline reconstruction, etc.

From a medical point of view, FUE hair transplant in Delhi is the best technique and is mainly adopted for hair loss treatments such as:

  • Androgenic Alopecia / Male Pattern Hair Loss
  • Scarring Alopecia
  • Female Pattern Hair Loss
  • Body Hair Transplantation.


Since FUE transplantation was introduced to the hair restoration industry, the inconveniences associated with other earlier techniques have been significantly revolutionised. In the case of the strip harvesting method, there is always a linear scarring, making it uncomfortable for people. So, the FUE technique here is far more efficient as it leaves no visible scars.

Another common question that often confuses people while looking for a hair transplant is whether or not surgery should obstruct their usual work-a-day life. Getting a hair transplant need not necessarily cause inconvenience in recovery. Instead, it is a one-day surgery for 4-5 hours. Once the procedure is done, you are good to go home. No sutures needed, no bandages, no downtime. FUE technique is again a much better choice since its procedure involves minimal invasive under mild anaesthesia, and the postoperative period is pain-free & comfortable.

FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi - FUE technique is adopted to restore hair loss problems from various medical & genetic conditions.


FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

The FUE technique involves extracting healthy follicular hair units from the donor scalp area, usually from the back or side of the scalp, and implanting them into the recipient area. It is performed with a sophisticated surgical tool to extract individual follicular units without damaging the neighbouring tissue.

The procedure is minimally invasive & discreet. The donor area is carefully shaved to remain undetectable and thus allows the patient to return to normal activities in no time.

Our leading hair transplant surgeon at  DMC Trichology expertise in providing the best FUE hair transplant in Delhi. We are among the very few in the nation to have mastered the skill of complicated injectables associated with hair transplants. Being an expert in pain medicine and critical care, our surgeons provide the safest FUE hair transplantation with zero risk factors & optimal results.

To get the best FUE hair transplant or to learn about the FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi, visit DMC Trichology Centre. We have centres at Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) & Vasant Vihar (South Delhi).


The key elements that affect the cost of FUE hair transplant in Delhi are:

  • Number of grafts required to cover the balding area
  • Extend of hair loss
  • quality and thickness of the donor's hair 
  • Experience and skill of the hair transplant surgeon
  • post-surgery care and follow-up appointments
  • Clinics facility with technology offered
  • Customization of the treatment to enhance the result.

The cost per graft ranges from Rs 20 to Rs 120. It is decided based on the donor site's health. 

No. of Grafts FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi
< 2000  50K
2500-3500 60K-84K
3500-4500  84K- 108K
4500-5500  108K-132K
More than 6000  144K


It is critical to remember that each individual is unique, and so are their needs and intended objectives from cosmetic surgery like FUE hair transplant in Delhi, India. If you are considering FUE hair transplant as a solution to your hair loss or thinning, you should schedule a thorough consultation with one of the skilled hair transplant surgeons at DMC Trichology. During the consultation, you can know what FUE hair transplant has set for you and whether you are a good candidate for it.  

The benefits of electing a FUE hair transplant include:

  • Minimally invasive: FUE hair transplantation involves the removal of donor hair follicles using a micro-punch tool and their placement into the micro-holes created at the recipient site. The surgery is the least invasive and associated with minimal scarring, discomfort, side effects, risks, complications, and downtime. 
  • Hair styling flexibility: Following the hair transplantation surgery recovery period, patients may be able to style their hair short or long, as per their choice without worrying about having noticeable, ugly scars.  
  • Natural-looking results: The purpose of the FUE procedure is natural hair restoration in the areas of hair thinning or hair loss. The hair follicles are transplanted at an angle matching the natural growth pattern of the patient's existing hair. This means no one expects the patient and the surgeon to be able to tell that a hair transplant has been performed. 
  • Minimal discomfort: Individual experiences of undergoing a FUE hair transplant may vary. Many patients report little to no discomfort during the FUE hair transplantation because of the effect of local anaesthesia. Some report experiencing soreness or sensitivity following the surgery.
  • No stitches or staples: FUE hair transplant does not involve the making of incisions and the use of sutures or staples. Rather, it involves the use of micro-punch devices to extract hair follicles.   
  • Minimal scarring: Unlike FUT hair transplants, where linear scarring occurs at the donor site, harvesting grafts by the FUE technique leaves behind micro-punch holes.  
  • Recovery: Recovery time is typically faster with the FUE treatment in Delhi than other hair transplanting procedures because it is the least invasive. It is generally expected to take around 72 hours, though individual recovery times may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions About FUE Hair Transplant

1. How long do FUE hair transplants last? 

FUE hair transplantation is the best bet if you seek a lifelong hair loss solution. As FUE hair transplantation involves moving the D-H-T-resistant hair follicles to the areas of hair thinning or hair loss, the transplanted hair lasts for a long time. After the surgery, between two and eight weeks, the transplanted hair usually sheds; after that, new hair grows that lasts a lifetime.  

2. Are there risks related to FUE? 

When performed correctly by well-trained and experienced hair transplant surgeons in Delhi at DMC Trichology. The FUE hair transplant is known to be safe and minimally invasive outpatient surgery, providing natural-looking results with minimal complications. However, FUE hair transplants have potential risks and side effects like any other surgical intervention. These include slight bleeding, temporary numbness, mild pain or discomfort, mild swelling, infection, cysts, itching, scarring, shock loss, and lost grafts.   

3. What is the purpose of a FUE hair transplant? 

FUE is one of the hair transplantation techniques that allows the surgeon to transfer healthy hairs on the back or sides of the scalp to areas with thinning hair or hair loss. The harvesting of donor hair grafts is done with the help of a micro punch tool. With this type of hair transplant, you can achieve a fuller, thicker head of hair with a limited number of hair grafts with a 90-95% survival rate.  

4. Why do individual results differ? 

As everyone is unique, so are the results of a FUE hair transplant. The results differ because of the varied density, pattern, and desired level of coverage required by an individual suffering from hair thinning or baldness. 

Furthermore, transplanted hair's growth rates and growth patterns differ for everyone. Hair is an individual structure that grows out of hair follicles. After months of FUE hair transplant, some hair loses contact with the transplanted hair follicles and falls out early, while some have thin attachments and may fall later, so the final results appear different for every patient. 

5. What are the possible uses of FUE? 

FUE is a minimally invasive hair restoration technique popularly known for its utility in addressing androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness). However, it can even be used to reconstruct eyebrows and eyelashes and fill in areas of the face or head with traumatic hair loss caused by scarring from cuts, abrasions, and thermal or chemical burns. 

6. Is a FUE hair transplant painful?

The hair transplant surgeon ensures that FUE hair transplant surgery is painless and comfortable throughout by providing local anaesthesia to donor and recipient areas. There is potential pain or discomfort after the surgery, but it subsides soon and can be relieved with pain-relieving medication.

Hair transplantation is a life-changing procedure, and understanding this procedure from an expert is essential to achieve the best and safest surgical results. If you want to learn more about this procedure in detail and would like to know more about FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi, India, Do visit DMC Trichology, located at Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) & Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) today!


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