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Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi, Vasant Vihar, Rajouri Garden

Most people who are dealing with hair loss problems often get setback when they think of its cost. And generally people get more confused imagining the probable high-end charges which are likely to create a deep hole in their pockets. All the more reasons to feel under confident to go for it.

This in fact is a general misconception that getting a hair transplant is always likely to be expensive, which is again understandable given the limited informations available & provided to the general mass. Once the factors affecting the cost of Hair Transplant is explained in detail, one would definitely be able to digest its expenses. It is even necessary to get familiar with the procedures involved in the transplantation, safety, sterile conditions, quality of standards, technologies, experience of the surgeons., etc. Having a fair amount of all these informations will suffice the misconceptions & confusion related to the cost of Hair Transplant. At the end of the day, people always put their health, safety & successful result as the main priority.

However, most commonly there are two factors which determine the cost of a Hair Transplant Procedure in majority of hair transplant clinics :

  • The stage of baldness
  • The number of hair grafts (or per follicles)

One can get a better understanding about the hair transplant cost in Delhi by consulting at DMC-Trichology Centre.



Dealing with Hair Loss problems & deciding to get a Hair Transplantation is a lot to digest for sure. To begin with, whom to take consultation from? Where to get the Transplant ? All these questions need sufficient answers. So, there are certainly most essential conditions to consider as well besides the cost factor. These include

  • Experience of the Clinic
  • Hair Transplant Technique
  • Risk Factors
  • Recovery Time
  • Success Rate

Getting a hair transplant procedure at an economical rate is everybody’s choice provided the quality standard of the clinical procedure is not compromised. The reason being, Hair Transplant Surgery is nothing lesser than any surgical procedures and requires optimum expertise & precautions

Our experts at DMC-Trichology are the best to determine the hair transplant cost in Delhi. The experts are specialised to provide state-of-the-art hair transplant procedures at the most reasonable & affordable cost without compromising the quality standard necessary for a most natural hairline & permanent result.

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