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  • 04, May 2024

In today’s time, hair loss sufferers can get back their natural, fuller hair permanently with hair transplant surgery. Hair transplantation is a procedure wherein healthy hair follicles are taken from the back or sides of the scalp and sometimes other body parts and implanted in the thinning or balding areas of the scalp. As per India's best hair transplant doctor, Dr. Nandini Dadu at DMC Trichology, hair transplants are in great demand among both men and women. Especially those struggling for permanent solutions for pattern baldness. It is a pretty common hair restoration solution offered by hair transplant clinics across the globe, especially in India.

Is Hair Transplant Successful in India?

Yes, India is the most popular country across the globe for providing hair transplants with a very high success rate. The success of hair transplants in India is determined by various factors. It varies for men and women because of the difference in their pattern of hair loss. The success rate of hair transplants in men is generally higher (typically around 95 to 98%) than in women (typically around 85 to 95%).

Is hair transplant 100% successful?

Factors that Decide the Success Rate of Hair Transplant

The factors deciding the success rate of hair transplants include:

  • The surgeon’s expertise and experience- A hair transplant surgeon who is highly qualified, skilled, and experienced in hair transplantation will perform hair transplant surgery more successfully. The chances of bad hair transplant results and post-operative complications are minimal as the surgeon would be using advanced technologies and techniques to carry out hair transplants.
  • Professionalism and artistic skills of the surgeon- A hair transplant process is time-consuming. So, choosing a skilled hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, India who performs the surgery and is available for the patient till the end ensures a successful hair transplant. The natural-looking results of the hair transplant indicate the success of the hair transplant surgery. The best hair transplant surgeon has the artistic abilities to implant the hair grafts as per the age and facial profile of the patient and knows how to cover the bald areas with hair that grows in angle and direction just like existing natural hair.
  • Reputation of the surgeon- Previous patient testimonials and reviews as well as the before and after photo gallery speak about the surgeon’s reputation. Surgeons with positive patient reviews and the ability to provide attractive appearances to their patients are well-reputed for delivering successful hair transplants.
  • Physical assessment- An initial consultation with a hair transplant surgeon and a thorough examination of the hair loss areas is crucial for the success of a hair transplant. A meeting with the surgeon is the time when hair loss sufferers can clear their doubts regarding hair transplant, prepare themselves well, and know the cause of their hair loss as well as the extent of hair loss. It’s a complete mistake if one gets a hair transplant done without understanding the hair loss condition, the reason for hair loss, the hair transplant technique available, the success rate of hair transplant, the recovery, and others.
  • Before and after care- The care that the hair transplant candidates take before and after a hair transplant affects the success rate of the hair transplant. Candidates must strictly follow the surgeon’s pre- and post-surgical instructions to ensure no complications or unwanted effects are impacting the desired results of hair transplant.
  • The hair transplant technique used: Advanced hair transplant techniques like FUE and DMC- Golden Touch® offered at DMC Trichology Clinic, a top hair transplant clinic in India generally offers a high success rate. However, for large areas of hair transplant, FUT hair transplant can provide a success rate of around 98%. Whereas, for small areas of hair transplant, FUE hair transplant has shown a success rate of around 90%.
  • The patient’s scalp condition: The growth of new hair from the transplanted hair follicles is not the same for every candidate seeking a hair transplant. The success of the hair transplant depends on individual factors like the extent of healthy hair in the donor site, the severity of the baldness, and the patient’s overall health. Those who have fine, sparse, and weak hair in the donor area can lead to poor survival and coverage of the grafted hair- an unsuccessful hair transplant.

Why is India the most preferred destination for hair transplants?

For receiving successful hair transplants, India is growing in popularity in today’s time. There are several reasons behind the great success of a hair transplant in India and many foreigners coming to India for hair transplants. They are detailed below:

  • Highly skilled and reputed hair transplant surgeons: The majority of hair transplant surgeons in India hold up-to-date training in the latest technologies and techniques to execute advanced hair transplants and even better qualifications. They have international exposure and certifications that ensure a high standard of medical expertise. One of India’s best hair transplant doctors is Dr. Nandini Dadu. She holds international accreditation to perform the procedure.
  • Surgeons holding extensive experience in hair transplantation: India is a highly populated country and so has increased hair transplant prevalence, more aesthetic awareness, availability of top-rated hair transplant surgeons, and medical tourism. The hair transplant surgeons in India are very knowledgeable in their field because of which there is high patient volume. They provide unparalleled results with skilled and artistic hands. They can be relied upon to safely carry out hair transplant
  • Top-notch international amenities in the hair transplant clinic: India’s reputable hair transplant clinics have dramatically improved their facilities and made them on par with those provided internationally. At DMC Trichology, we have a state-of-the-art operation theatre with the greatest, most experienced Indian hair transplant doctor as well as superior quality advanced technology and equipment.
  • International standards: India’s reputed hair transplant clinics maintain hygiene standards of the international level and provide hair transplant candidates ideal setting for hair transplant.
  • Affordable hair transplants: In reputed hair transplant clinics in India, obtaining the best hair transplant services at an affordable price is possible.
  • The hair transplant technique employed: The majority of hair transplant clinics in India offer advanced hair transplant techniques. They provide hair loss patients with personalised solutions by offering a variety of treatment options including Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction.

If you want to get a hair transplant at the best cost and want outstanding results, you can get hair transplantation surgery with the best hair transplant doctor in India, Dr. Nandini Dadu at DMC Trichology, located in Delhi with centres at Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) and Vasant Vihar (South Delhi).

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