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  • 27, Mar 2024

Holi is the most cheerful, colourful, and vibrant festival that people across the nation, especially North Indians are enthusiastic to celebrate. Not only Indians, but foreigners also love being a part of Holi celebrations. In the past, people used to play Holi with buckets of water and only herbal, natural colours (gulals). But, over the years, people have started using colours full of synthetic pigments. These chemical-based Holi colours have been causing a lot of skin and hair issues. Their direct contact with the scalp and hair has led to dry scalp, split ends, hair breakage, and even hair loss. 

Protect Your Hair From Holi Colours

That’s why the hair transplant surgeon in Delhi at DMC Trichology advises to get scalp and hair ready for Holi to protect them from any potential harm.

Holi celebration with chemical-based colours is especially a cause of worry for people who have had  hair transplant. In this post by the best hair transplant surgeon, some preventive and curative tips are suggested that can help people enjoy a carefree, hair-safe Holi. Continue reading and keep these tips in mind shared by  hair specialist in Delhi, before you step out for playing Holi this year.

Pre-Holi Hair Care Tips

Following these preventive care tips is a must if you want to enjoy Holi without worrying about hair-related issues:

1. Do oil massages. Apply coconut, olive, or Vitamin E-based oil from the hair roots to their tips. Make sure that oil massage is done at least an hour before playing Holi. Oils help keep the hair and scalp nourished and help prevent damage from dry, chemical Holi colours.   

2. Apply hair serum or leave-in hair conditioner. As hair is exposed to artificial colours while playing Holi, it is bound to get dry. So, to avoid drying and discolouring of the scalp and hair, it is recommended to apply a hair root mask serum or use a hair conditioner.

3. Wrap hair or style up your hair. Tying up hair in buns or braids or covering the hair with a shawl or scarf will reduce the exposed surface area of the head. Hair can be protected from damage by Holi colours when there is a layer of protection laid over it.

4. Avoid the use of harsh shampoo. Extensive shampooing leaves the scalp dry by stripping off its natural oils. It is advised to not shampoo a day before Holi celebrations or if it is required use only mild shampoo.

5. Keep hair and scalp well-moisturised. Internal and External hydration is the key to no hair damage. The artificial Holi colours leave the hair dry and damaged. To reduce the impact of colours, the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi also advises to increase intake of water and keep hair well-conditioned and hydrated with haircare products.

6. Do not wear hair accessories. The use of hair clips or tight bands can cause hair breakage, as they place excessive pressure on the hair follicles. Such excessive pressure together with the impact of chemical colours can drastically impact hair health.

Post-Holi Hair Care Tips

Following these curative tips can help restore health, vibrancy, and beauty to the hair after wild Holi celebrations:

1. Rinse off Holi colours with cold water. Washing hair to get rid of Holi colours should be done in the right way to preserve the hair's health. Plain cold water must be used to wash hair followed by the use of mild, natural shampoo. Shampoos containing aloe vera, tea tree oil, or other natural ingredients will cause the least damage to the already dry hair.

2. Apply a hair mask and avoid hair colouring and heat styling for a while. Following shampooing, conditioning hair well ensures that the hair stays hydrated. Moreover, the application of a hair mask helps rejuvenate the hair and get rid of any damage caused by harmful colours. A hair spa session can also help protect the hair health after playing Holi.

After Holi celebrations, avoid applying chemical-based hair colour for at least a month to avoid any additional chemical damage to hair. Henna can be applied without worry. The hair also needs time to recover from chemical damage by colours so till that time, it's advised to avoid the use of heat styling tools. The use of straighteners and crimpers can cause additional stress to already weak hair and lead to hair fall.

3. Cut off split ends. After Holi celebrations, hair will be severely damaged by their tips. Trimming the hair can allow healthy hair growth.

4. Relieves itchy scalp. Artificial Holi colours when come in direct contact with the scalp can make it itchy. If you are experiencing an itchy scalp after playing Holi, you can try out a quick fix. In a mugful of water add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar and apply it to the scalp after washing hair with cold water and getting rid of Holi colours from the hair and scalp skin.

What precautions to take for transplanted hair before and after playing Holi?

Have you recently received a hair transplant in Delhi and your favourite festival Holi is upcoming?

You are advised to avoid playing Holi in the first place this year! You need to recover your donor and recipient areas following a hair transplant and the recovery process will take a few days. 

If you have received a hair transplant 1-2 weeks back, you must take certain precautions for the next several days to avoid any surgical consequences and ensure an optimal outcome. The most important precautions that you need to take include having a healthy diet, keeping your body and hair well-hydrated, and avoiding exposure to the sun’s UV light, harsh chemicals, and heat, on the donor and recipient areas. You will have to wash your scalp just as directed by your hair transplant surgeon.

If you received a hair transplant a year ago and by now have full hair growth, your transplanted hair would need the same haircare as normal hair. While getting Holi ready or achieving smooth, vibrant, and healthy hair after Holi celebrations, you must follow the same above-mentioned pre and post-hair care tips for transplant hair as you would do normally.   

You can also get intouch with your hair transplant surgeon for more details or get in touch with the experts at DMC Trichology.

Give Extra Care to Your Hair This Festive Season!

Giving some extra love to your hair is important to keep it healthy and beautiful. Some hair care tips can help you avoid damage caused to your hair during Holi celebrations.

If you are looking for a hair specialist who can get your hair back to the state before Jubilant Holi celebrations, you can check out DMC Trichology, hair transplant clinic in Delhi and its curative take on some of the effective hair regrowth, restoration, and replacement techniques.

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