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  • 02, Jan 2023

Season sure does affect our moods. Talking about Monsoon after several days under heatwave is a silver lining we all so desperately long for. It lifts our spirit, elevate our senses, everything green and fresh to the eyes.

What about our Hair? – It literally is a different story we all know.

“It’s the HUMIDITY, Not the Heat”, especially for those whose hair won’t cooperate at all during Monsoon.

Why does Humidity affect our hair like insane ?

TO understand the drill of frizzy messed up hair with humidity, let’s find out what exactly is the deal with our hair properties.

The chemical structure of human hair is essentially keratin protein fibres with other traces of molecules such as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulphur,.etc binding together in bundles within each hair strand. These bundles are held together by :

  • Very strong disulphide bonds ( broken only through permanent curling & straightening )
  • Weaker hydrogen bonds (easily broken by moisture)

And ironically, our hair’s hydroscopic property – i.e, reactive towards atmospheric moisture forming hydrogen bonds readily with the hair proteins, makes the individual strand go wild & fuzzy shapes.

The case is extreme in really humid days, obviously. And thats why, trying to look sleek & perfect hair during Monsoon is the hardest thing to imagine.

Of course, the responds & reactions to humidity for different hair types or textures will definitely be different. Straight long hair will be wavy, curly to curlier, rough & damaged hair to ….you know ! People with dry & rough hair textures suffer more than those with smooth & neatly lined hair as their original  moisture retention varies apparently.

Dry & Frizzy Hair

When you’re dealing with rough frizzy hair, the obvious fact is your hair responds terribly to humidity. Meaning- your outer layer of hair strand (known as Cuticle) are already dry, porous & develop bark-like scales that lift up and absorb moisture from the air producing unrelenting Frizz, puff locks and dullness.

So, what can you do to fix this menace of Humidity?

Since you already sail-through the Science of your hair structure along with the strange effects of humidity, you can safely slide through your Monsoon without freaking out much. However, the solution to this  is a necessary maintenance, not a one-time punch button. Relax, your hair is fairly manageable if you provide right treatments. As easy as its vulnerability to humidity, your hair can also mitigate possible hazards with moderate maintenance.

  • If its vulnerability is moisture absorption from atmosphere, then giving hydration to retain on its own is a big help.
  • Keep your hair strands moisturised using frizz-free hair mask or serum after head wash. This will keep your locks in place.
  • Using microfibre towel to dry your hair helps absorb maximum moisture after washing. Plus, it will make less rough to your strands.
  • Avoid combing while your locks are still wet. Thats when the hair is most vulnerable and prone to breakage, split ends, and hair fall.
  • Using a wide-toothed comb on your damp hair, you can keep your shape. Avoid heating devices as much as possible. It will ruin the whole efforts.
  • Put a leave-on conditioner to style your shape and keep your hair tangle-free.
  • Style your head with a silk scarf and protect your locks from humidity. Its not just safe., very elegant too. Trust me!

Troubled with your frizzy hair during the monsoon? Follow these simple and effective tips to tame frizzy hair in the monsoon season. For more details, consult the best hair specialist in Delhi  at DMC Trichology. We have our centres located at Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi).

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