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  • 14, Oct 2023

Until recently, most of the people were not regularly in the habit of using conditioner as a part of their regular hair care routine. Lesser do people know the benefits of conditioner and its type and importance for our hair. Conditioner forms the backbone of our daily hair care routine and helps strengthen the hair and keep it hydrated and moisturized. Adding conditioner to our routine after shampoo not only adds moisture but also helps in preventing breakage, tangling of hair after wash and makes it soft and smooth. Every time we apply conditioner to the hair the conditioning agent nourishes the hair strands and protects them from drying out thus making it healthy. It also makes it easier to comb the hair. Just like our shampoos, conditioners are also dependent on our hair type. The best hair specialist in Delhi at DMC Trichology, have discussed how to choose the right conditioners as per individual hair type:

  • Fine Hair: By fine hair, we mean limp hair that has a tendency to get oily easily. When the hair is oily and greasy it is preferable to skip the conditioner as they will add more moisture leading to oil build up on the scalp. For those who are not willing to skip conditioners altogether can look for less oily conditioners. For example look for a light, strengthening, balancing and volumizing conditioner. Conditioners with added protein will be beneficial for this type of hair. Avoid the ones that are moisturizing and hydrating or creamy in texture. They will make the hair look limper. While using conditioner keep in mind to avoid using it on the scalp and only use it on the hair strands. Always make sure to rinse it off completely to avoid any product build-up that can add on to the oiliness of scalp or hair. It is advisable to use conditioner before shampoo in case of fine and limp hair.

  • Dry and Damaged Hair: If the hair is too brittle, damaged and dry then conditioner is a good solution to lock the moisture in and nourish the hair and turn the bad hair days into great hair days! While choosing the conditioner make sure it prevents any damage and keeps the hair healthy. A conditioner that is moisturizing and creamy will be highly beneficial. One can look for conditioners that contain essential oils like jojoba oil, avocado oil or even shea butter extract. These will help in retaining the moisture of the hair and repairing the damaged hair strands. There is a technique called deep conditioning which is often recommended to people with very dry and damaged hair. Deep conditioners with heavy moistening ingredients like morocco oil and argan oil can be used on hair and wrapped in a hot towel for the essential oils to enter the hair cuticles and benefit them for about an hour before rinsing. This helps in repairing damage and promoting the elasticity to restore the shine and luster of dry hair. Even coconut oil is highly beneficial in terms of conditioning for dry hair. One can apply oil to the scalp for about an hour before shampoo.

  • Curly Hair: Curly hair is majorly prone to dryness as the natural oil produced in the scalp is unable to travel down the strands and nourish them and hence, moisturizing and hydrating conditioners are recommended to add moisture to the dry strands. It is recommended to opt for deep conditioning if dryness increases.

  • Colored Hair: Color-treated hair is more sensitive and hence, regular conditioner which can contain silicone should be avoided as they tend to fade the color quickly. Use conditioners majorly towards the end of the strands and opt for silicone-free conditioners to preserve the color for a longer period of time.


Some of us have extremely dry and damaged strands that conditioners also fail to keep them rejuvenated and nourished. For them, Leave-on-Conditioner is the solution. As the name suggests they are to be applied and left on the hair without washing. These help in improving natural growth too by helping in moisturizing and detangling the hair easily. Conditioners that have higher protein content and are water-based will be more nourishing as hair follicles will get strengthened by constantly absorbing fatty acids and essential oils present in them to promote repair and growth and prevent any further breakage and damage. It helps hair follicles by reducing dryness and brittleness. They are also remarkably helpful for color-treated hair as well as protect the hair strands from UV damage and hence, slow down the fading away of colors. One can even use them before using styling equipments like curling rod, hot irons as it forms a protective layer and protects the hair from heat damage.

What will be the consequences if we stop using it? Well, it’s not going to be a great idea. Conditioners help to detangle the hair easily and keep them healthy by nourishing them regularly and preventing breakage and frizz. So, why not do ourselves a favor and take a step towards shiny, healthy hair. For more tips to achieve healthy hair, consult the experts at DMC Trichology, the best hair treatment centre in Delhi.​The clinic is located at Vasant Vihar (South Delhi) and Rajouri Garden (West Delhi)

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